Standard Medicolegal Report / Soft Tissue Injury/No Records – £300 plus VAT

Review of Records – £2 per page reviewed

Hourly Rate for Complex Cases / Defence / Negligence Cases – £400 per hour

Please be aware that complex cases with multiple injuries, defence cases and medical negligence cases require a considerable preparation time.  In many cases there are multiple issues to consider, extensive documents and often multiple reports from other medical experts.  These cases may also require extensive research and a review of the relevant medical literature, including clinical guidelines pertaining at the time of the subject event.

These cases can require anywhere from six to ten hours and occasionally longer to produce a comprehensive report and will accrue a considerable fee.  If there are concerns about the complexity of the case and the potential cost of the report, I am happy to provide an estimate, in advance of preparation of the report, free of charge.

Please contact my office if you require an estimate in advance of your clients examination.