For self-funding patients who do not have health insurance payment must be made directly to Mr Nolan on the day of the consultation.


A new consultation with an MRI performed on the day and a review that day with the MRI result is £300.
(IMPORTANT – This price is only for the consultation with Mr Nolan.  The MRI will attract an additional charge payable separately to the Ulster Clinic of £395 for one body area or £620 for the whole spine).

A new consultation where the patient brings their own MRI scan to the consultation on a disc necessitating that I review the MRI disc is £250.

A new consultation with no imaging performed or reviewed is £200.

A review consultation is £160.

A review consultation where a repeat or up-to-date MRI scan is performed is £250.

Please be aware that these prices are only for the consultations and payment must be made directly to Paul Nolan MLS LTD.

Charges may vary slightly if you are using insurance as different insurers allow different payments for consultations.

Some insurance policies may have an excess and may not cover the full cost of the consultation.  In this situation you will receive an invoice from our office requesting payment for the excess.

The day following your consultation you will receive a text message confirming the fee and explaining how to pay. Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. Details of our bank account are included below.

Paul Nolan MLS LTD

Account Number – 60032039

Sort Code – 902207

When making a bank transfer please ensure that your name is on the reference so that we can allocate the payment to your account. If you do not place your name on the reference you may receive repeated reminders from our office indicating that the account has not been settled. To avoid this please ensure your name is included with the payment.

You can also pay by debit or credit card, but this may attract an additional fee. Please call our office to make a debit or credit card payment.

Payment can also be made by cheque if you do not have access to online banking.

We do not accept cash payments.

Please ensure that payment is made promptly after the consultation to avoid receiving repeated reminders. We are required by HMRC to pursue all non-payments and if necessary using a debt recovery agency.

These charges are only for the consultation – MRI scans, blood tests and injections will incur and additional fee outlined below.

MRI scan

One body area – cervical spine or lumbar spine – £395

Two body areas – whole spine – £734

Three body areas (whole spine) – £994

Four body areas (brain and whole spine) – £1254

Spinal injections

Lumbar nerve root injection – 1 level – £475.69

Lumbar nerve root injection – 2 levels – £714.13

Lumbar facet injections – 1 level (two joints) – £475.69

Lumbar facet injections – 2 levels (four joints) – £714.13

Cervical trigger point injections – £150