Medicolegal Talks

It’s all in the voice – How to avoid the litigators and the regulator

Advice on simple skills that you can bring to your practice to minimise your risk of complaint and litigation. Tone of voice, length of consultation, allowing patients time to vocalise their concerns have all been shown to reduce complaints and litigation. What to do in the event of a complaint, solicitors letter or GMC referral. How to respond to complaints and allay patient concerns before minor issues develop into major concerns.

Cauda Equina Update

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a significant issue particularly for for GP’s and casualty doctors. A patient with CES which is diagnosed late can cost £500,000 in settlement. This talk reviews recent literature and national guidelines and gives advice on which patients require urgent onward referral and investigation. The talk also includes an audit of senior spinal surgeons in the UK from the British Spinal Study Group on current national practice in cauda equina syndrome.

Personalities of Whiplash

Claims for whiplash continue to rise inexorably. This talk discusses the possible causes of whiplash associated disorder (WAD) and recent research. Whiplash is a biopsychosocial disorder. This talk is for clinicians treating patients suffering from WAD or writing medicolegal reports. It explains how to differentiate the genuinely injured person from those using their accident for secondary gain.

How to get the best from your medical expert

Mr Nolan has previously given this talk to both the Law Society in Northern Ireland and the Belfast Solicitors Association. It reviews preparation of medicolegal reports, how to instruct your medical expert, when to provide medical records, payment arrangements and advising doctors on giving evidence in court.