Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service Experience (MPTS)

I have been a GMC/MPTS Tribunal member since 2015.  I normally sit for approximately four weeks a year on a variety of cases taking place in Manchester.  The MPTS is separate from the investigatory role of the General Medical Council (GMC).  The MPTS hears cases where there are concerns about a doctor’s fitness to practice because of matters affecting health, performance or probity and occasionally criminal activity.  Hearings can take from one day to many months, depending on the complexity of the cases.  Barristers usually present the evidence on behalf of the General Medical Council and the doctors Defence Society.  Witnesses, including the doctor, will often give evidence to the tribunal.

The Tribunal will then make determinations on the facts, impairment and sanctions.

This has given me considerable experience with the legal process in relation to doctors’ fitness to practice and preparing legal documents.