I have considerable experience giving evidence in the High Court, County Court and Coroners Court.  I also sit as a General Medical Council/Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (GMC/MPTS) tribunal member in Manchester.  This gives me extensive experience with the legal process and hearings in relation to doctors’ fitness to practice.

I am generally available to attend court on Tuesday.  In complex cases, such as medical negligence cases, where more than one day will be required to give evidence, please contact my office in advance to enquire about availability.

A non-refundable court availability fee of £500 plus VAT will be charged to confirm attendance at court. No dates will be provided until this has been paid. In the event the case proceeds it will be deducted from the court attendance fee. In the event the case settles the fee will not be returned.

To make myself available to give evidence in court requires that I cancel my clinical work that day.  A full day’s attendance at court is charged at £3000 per day.  A half-day’s attendance at court is charged at £1500.  There may be additional related expenses such as travelling, parking or on occasion hotel costs.  A fee estimate can be provided in advance.