Private Patients

Mr Nolan has been a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon since 1999. Previously practicing in the Royal Victoria Hospital and Musgrave Park Hospital he is now based in the Ulster Independent Clinic. His particular areas of interest are adult low back conditions including

  • Mechanical Back Pain
  • Sciatica – Disc Prolapse and Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Disc Degeneration


Appointments can be made through the appointments office in the Ulster Independent Clinic, 245 Stranmillis Road, Belfast BT9 – Telephone 02890 661212 alternatively contact our office 028 90 664082 to book private appointments.


Mr Nolans clinics are on Wednesday morning and Thursday evening in the Ulster Independent Clinic. Mr Nolan also does a Monday morning clinic in Malone Medical Chamber.

Non Surgical Treatment

Most back conditions do not require surgical treatment. In most cases conservative management such as physiotherapy or pilates are sufficient – this can be booked on the morning of your consultation. If necessary spinal injections – such as epidural, facet or nerve root injections can also be arranged within a few days.


In certain conditions, resistant to conservative management, surgery is necessary. This may include –

  • Disc Excision
  • Decompression
  • Spinal Fusion
  • X-stop posterior distraction device
  • Dynesys dynamic stabilisation
  • Surgery for Spondylolisthesis – reconstruction or fusion

Patient Information Sheets

Patient Questionnaires

It is imperative that all patients booked for surgery complete a pre-operative screening questionnaire and a low back outcome score (LBOS) questionnaire. This allows us to determine your fitness for anaesthesia and the level of debility you experience prior to the surgery. A surgical date cannot be given until we receive these documents either electronically or by post.

You will also be asked to complete a LBOS at post-operative review to allow us to quantify the benefit obtained from surgery.

All patients will require a pre-operative assessment with the anaesthetist. In the case of young, fit and healthy patients completion of the pre-operative screening questionnaire and a telephone conversation with the anaesthetist and discussion on the day of the surgery will suffice. This will not incur any additional charge.

Elderly patients or those with significant pre-existant illness will require a formal pre-operative consultation as per National Guidelines regarding risk assessment and consent for surgery. This will incur an additional consultation fee of £125 which is not usually covered by insurance companies and is not included in fixed price surgical packages. If investigations are required such as blood tests, chest x-ray or an echocardiogram there will be additional charges.

In The News / Recent Research

Below you will find copies of recent article in the press, medical journals and specialist society guidelines on spinal conditions.

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Please be aware that charges for consultations are separate from fees for blood tests, x-rays or MRI scans. You will receive one invoice from our office for every consultation and a separate invoice from the Ulster Independent Clinic for any investigations or treatment.

Consultation fees are within Insurance company guidelines. Invoices will be posted the day after the consultation. Please ensure prompt payment. Due to HMRC regulations we are required to pursue all non-payments using a debt recovery agency which may adversely affect your credit rating.

Consultation Fees are As Follows

  • New Consultation with MRI performed and review consultation to discuss MRI result later that day – £275 for the consultations – payable to Mr Nolan.
    Fee for MRI scan is separate from the consultation fee of £275 and will be approximately an additional £400 (payable to the Ulster Clinic) for one body area.
  • New Consultation – no MRI – £190
  • Review Consultation – £150

Please be aware that many insurance policies will not cover the full consultation fee and you may subsequently receive a request to pay the shortfall

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, electronic transfer and credit card.  Credit card card payments will attract an additional administration fee.

Surgery is charged within insurance company guidelines. Ulster Clinic offer fix price packages of commonly performed procedures for un-insured patients.

Please contact our office if you require more detailed information in relation to consultation or surgery fees.